1. Powerful Hands-On Techniques for your horse:

What if you had the right tools to release tension in your horses muscles and fascia on a regular basis?

That means for your horse:

  • quicker recovery from training
  • fewer injuries
  • greater comfort 
  • better performance

That means for you:

  • a much better understanding of the fascial connections in your horse and the causes of restrictions
  • an improved communication with your horse as you will be able to read your horse's body language much better than ever
  • being equipped with techniques you can use on any horse you own, work with, rehab or ride
  • more satisfying training sessions and competitions with your horse 
  • lower vet bills as you will learn to recognize problems early on
  • more successful horse shows

This is a 2-hour workshop and a minimum of 6 riders/trainers is required. $59 per person.

Please email me at Kerstin@ready2heal.net to schedule a workshop or find out more or call me at 775.400.0058