frequently asked questions about Pediatric Craniosacral therapy

How Long Do Sessions with newborns and children in general last?

Regular sessions generally last between 6-70 minutes. However - in some cases 30 minutes are just enough to make a big change in your baby's body without overwhelming the nervous system. This applies more to children between the ages of 6 months until about 7 years of age in my observation. Before and after that they are usually very comfortable with longer sessions. 


Why should we choose CranioSacral Therapy?

Because it is one of the most gentlest and powerful modalities to help your child release restrictions early on in life so the body does not have to create compensatory patterns that may eventually lead to bigger problems.

Even though it might look like energy work from the outside, as the practitioners hands barely move, it truly is more than that. CranioSacral Therapy offers a great opportunity to remind the body of its ability to heal itself and as it allows the cerebospinal fluid flow to guide the therapist to just the right areas of restrictions in just the right order so they can be released. The therapist can 'hear' this by following the restrictions in the cerebrospinal fluid flow and of course by having an extreme awareness of the anatomy and physiology of body systems.

The results are long lasting. It may take a little longer for the tissues to release, soften and let go, but since it follows the body's inner wisdom, timing and order the results are long lasting.

Because babies and children respond to it so well. They are so aware of the gentlest touch and intention and changes happen with ease.

To give them the best start into their lives. Imagine your child being able to walk through with a great sense of trust and confidence and a nervous system that can easily adapt to various situations.


Does CranioSacral Therapy work well with other modalities?

Yes, it is very complementary to all other modalities.


How many Sessions will my baby/child need?

Some changes are usually noticed within the first three sessions. Big positive changes are expected more after the fourth session. This is just a rough guideline. Everybody is unique and responds differently. 


Does insurance cover this service?

Insurance does not cover my services. The fee for a regular session is $120 for 60-70 minutes and $55 for a 30 minute session. You can buy a series of 6 sessions and use it for yourself and your baby/child - this allows for savings of $80.

Everyone benefits from CranioSacral Therapy and it is amazing to work with entire families as there are astonishing similarities in some of the restrictions. 

Please email me if you have any further questions