Dear Kerstin,

I am so happy to tell you that I have not seen Jackson shake his head in well over three weeks!!!  It makes me so ecstatic that I can hardly contain myself!

Thank you so very, very much for all of your hard work on helping him (and me) get through this - you are an integral part of his healthcare team and I am forever grateful for your help!  (So is Jackson!)  Isn't it nice to know there are happy endings to afflictions like this?!

Marianne M.

I first noticed Kerstin while she worked on other rider’s horses.  I was curious about the light touch she used on those horses and wondered what type of therapy she was practicing.  It wasn’t until much later, when my horse was committed to stall rest for a right hind injury, and subsequently became increasingly tight, stiff and sore from standing without exercise that I called her for help.

 I hired her over a half dozen times in a short 11 week period, and in that time she moved intuitively, methodically, skillfully, patiently, and compassionately around his body to help him let down, increase circulation, and encourage his soft tissues to better balance.  As I watched her work on him, I looked for changes in his mind and body, such as the way he stood, the way he moved, the look in his eye, and his mood.  I also learned some basic techniques, such as running my fingers down his bladder meridian and engaged currying to increase his circulation between her visits.  It was during these treatments that I learned quite a lot about CranioSacral Therapy.

 Before Kerstin started working on Contigo, she assessed him...he stood like a circus elephant on a ball, his lower legs were cold and his fascia extremely tight.  And, uncharacteristically, he didn’t let her (or me) touch him in a few places on his body.  In a few months time, however, he opened up his stance, he regained warmth in his lower legs, and his fascia became more plump and supple.  He also began moving into her and into me when we worked on him, asking for more.  He even drank more water and took bigger, deeper breaths. 

Kerstin was determined to find the source of Contigo’s discomfort.  Over time, Kerstin helped me understand the complexity of Contigo’s tightness, stiffness and pain.  She said it likely wasn’t a result of his right hind injury and stall rest.  More likely, he had longstanding pain in other areas of his body, such as in his back, feet and or mouth, that were never properly addressed, causing him to compensate in the way he used his body, thus causing the injury, the tightness, stiffness and pain.

I believe our community is fortunate to have Kerstin because our competition horses, horses who devote their lives to helping us learn to ride and compete, such as Contigo, will give every last drop they have and are deserving of therapists who are not only talented but who give our horses the focus, support and healing modalities they need.

 Kerstin will be in Contigo’s life after rehab.  And here’s a short story to explain why.  During one of Kerstin’s first treatments, she unexpectedly said, “I wish that at some point he could have some water therapy.”  With no water therapy available in Reno, I dismissed the comment.  But two months later, after she had won my trust and a friendship had grown, I decided to send Contigo to Premier Equine Center in Sacramento in order to start him back to exercise on a water treadmill. I was excited about it;  the water tread would re-build his atrophied back muscles quickly and with suppleness by avoiding the interference of a saddle or rider.  Looking back, I forgot Kerstin had suggested water therapy when I made my decision, yet I would not have considered sending Contigo to get water therapy had Kerstin not planted the seed.  I invited Kerstin to take a trip with me to see Contigo on the aqua tread, in honor of the difference she made during his stall rest and how she taught me to think compassionately about his body’s needs.  She accepted!  Photo below of them at his stall at Premier Equine Center (

 Contigo is showing great progress and will return to Reno his new happy, supple, balanced, athletic body!  For the wonderful care Contigo has received from Kerstin, and for the difference Kerstin will make in his future, I am grateful.

  Allison Brunelli, Reno, NV

I first went to see Kerstin Tracy at Ready2Heal after I had fallen off a horse and landed on my sacrum, which pushed it to the left and was very painful.  I have never had such a profound effect from one treatment of any type of therapy, as I experienced with Kerstin’s Cranial Sacral Therapy.  Kerstin has helped my body work through and loosen up old layers of scar tissue from previous accidents, a birth defect (spina bifida) as well as the more recent damage to my sacrum. 

I slept with a pillow under my knees for the last 20+ years.  After a few sessions with Kerstin my neck and back muscles had lengthened enough to where I no longer sleep with my knees bent over a pillow or two.  

Kerstin’s treatment is not painful and in many cases lessened the pain I was experiencing.

Because my personal experience has been so positive I wanted Kerstin to also work on my husband and our horses.  She has helped my husband’s back pain tremendously, and has now worked on our mares several times also.  Although our horses can’t tell us in words that they are feeling better, we and our farrier know they are.  One of the mares (17.2hh/1,300lbs.) has had a difficult time holding her feet for the farrier, and the last time she had new shoes put on, the farrier said it was her best appointment ever – for the first time she didn’t try to lean on him the whole time.  Kerstin’s treatments are the only difference between previous farrier visits and the last one. 

I can recommend Kerstin Tracy’s Cranial Sacral Therapy for both humans and horses.  She has helped my body heal itself, and for that I am very grateful.                                          Marianne Merriam, Reno, NV

Thanks ever so much again.  The best thing I could have ever spent my money on. 

                            Pam Oliveri, Chilccot, CA