My Deep Horse Connection

It all started with my first pony, Bella. Bella taught me how to fall off a pony and land safely.

Growing up in Germany, I was exposed to thoroughbreds and dressage horses. The barn where I kept my horse bred thoroughbreds — I fell in love with this amazing breed by seeing them every day and helping at the race track.

I focused on dressage, and I had the privilege of receiving excellent training (which meant that the horse was always right and the rider always wrong; my core had to be strong, but not stiff; the movements fluid but not too lose; and the hands had to be soft and gently guiding, the legs still and precise).

Most of my teenage summers were spent competing at horse shows every weekend (European Dressage Level L and M). During my college years I was invited to join the Modern Pentathlon Team which included show jumping, cross country running, swimming, fencing and shooting.

During that time I helped out as an exercise trainer at the prestigious Cologne Racetrack for a year.

Now, I deeply enjoy combining my love for horses with my professional skills using Equine CranioSacral bodywork and I love educating horse owners and trainers about the powerful connection between deep restrictions around the nervous system and the horse's overall health and behaviors. 

It is such an honor to be able to work with these beautiful creatures, gain their trust, listen to their guidance, and help them with problems in their bodies that might have been overlooked.