It all started with Bella, the Shetland Pony, Kerstin's first pony. She taught Kerstin how to fall off a pony and land safely.

Growing up in Germany, Kerstin was exposed thoroughbreds and dressage horses. The barn Kerstin kept her horse at, bred TBs and she fell in love with this amazing breed.

But she focused on dressage and had the privilege of receiving excellent training. The horse was always right and the rider always wrong. Her core had to be strong, but not stiff, the movements fluid but not too lose and the hands had to be soft and gently guiding. The legs still and precise.

Kerstin spent nearly every weekend of her teenage summers competing at horse shows and placed high in advanced dressage level (L and M).

During college years she added Modern Pentathlon to her curriculum and that included show jumping, cross country running, swimming, fencing and shooting.

She also helped out as an exercise trainer at the prestigious Cologne Racetrack (established 1898).

Kerstin is now combining her love for horses with her professional skills and treats horses with equine craniosacral therapy. The only therapy that truly addresses the horses head and its many compressions.

Kerstin loves to educate owners and trainers about the powerful connection between cranial compressions and the horse's health and behavior. 

Her calm demeanor, love for the horse and the ability to deeply connect with the horses she treats lead to amazing results with happy horses and owners.