Pediatric CranioSacral Therapy

Infants and children respond to the gentle touch of CranioSacral Therapy really well.

Birth is a complex and often strenuous process with many forces influencing the baby that can have an effect the child's life forever. CranioSacral Therapy with its noninvasive approach can alleviate stresses from the birthing process. The sooner addressed the easier it is to release them. Ideally, all babies should be evaluated right after birth and continue occasional treatments throughout childhood to help navigate the process of growing up with more ease.

During sessions babies are stay fully clothed and will be assessed and treated either on the table by themselves or with a parent -depending on their comfort level. I assess for restrictions (areas of connective tissues that are not moving and tight) and  monitor the craniosacral rhythm (the flow of the cerebrospinal fluids). Corrections are made with very gentle, the weight of a nickel, hands-on techniques.

Sometimes babies cry during sessions as they release emotions. I monitor this very carefully and make sure your baby's needs are met and modify the session as needed, i.e. breaks, nursing with mom or some playtime are implemented. The techniques themselves are not painful at all but rather gentle holds that allow for tissue unwinding. Make sure to bring favorite toys and blankets.

After the session, most babies and children feel either more relaxed or ready to run around to try out their 'new bodies'. They may sleep longer than usual or feel more hungry. It takes up to 72 hours for the body to integrate the changes. CranioSacral therapy supports the body in its ability to heal itself. Changes that occur during the session will stay and every session is a progression from the last.

My husband and I, as well as his teachers have noticed such a remarkable difference in our son’s character and balance. Thank you so much.
— Noel L., Reno, NV

Addressing issues at a young age is very beneficial in the long run, as the body does not have to quietly compensate for the restrictions. At a young age, corrections can be made with a lot more ease. Left untreated, it might take a lot longer to release those restrictions and in the meantime they might cause a lot of discomfort and dysfunction.

Babies’ experiences from the beginning of life have a profound impact an all areas of their development and being. These early experiences imprint and establish our core view of the world, our feelings about ourselves, our health, our body, and how we are going to relate to it all.
— Wendy Anne McCarthy, Ph.D.

But many other health or behavioral challenges can be treated successfully with CST:

  • torticollis

  • ear infections

  • problems with speech

  • problems with latching on or swallowing

  • reflux

  • arcing of upper back

  • learning disorders

  • sensory disorder issues

  • sleep issues and general restlessness and more.

Sessions with children are fun for the therapist and child, very relaxed and generally have a calming effect. I strongly believe that babies and children are conscious, sensitive and aware little people and it is my absolute pleasure to connect with them deeply to understand their needs and address them with my skills and intentions.


We find that children treated with CranioSacral Therapy are:

  • more engaging

  • friendlier

  • healthier

  • able to learn new concepts quicker

  • adaptable to change

  • more confident