Equine CranioSacral Bodywork

Finding the right alternative and holistic modality for your horse can be confusing and challenging. 

First, let's look at the problems you may be facing.


Is This This your horse?

  • is a very competitive athlete and you are looking to improve the performance and recovery

  • has been refusing work or not performing as well as usual

  • does your horse easily spook and you are concerned about your safety

  • has had chronic health issues or injuries even though you have made many changes

  • appears aggressive and grumpy no matter what you try

  • has had a severe head trauma or other neurological or endocrine issues and has not fully recovered

And you have:

  • tried nutritional changes

  • modified your horse's training

  • addressed issues with the hoofs

  • tried different saddles

  • had your horse checked by your veterinarian

  • an open mind when it comes to alternative approaches to treatments

Now, imagine your horse being able to be an amazing athlete with ease: shoulders open and free, head movement with natural flexibility, overall suppleness and hind legs that move your horse powerfully forward.

Tissues released through Equine CranioSacral bodywork hold the changes and sessions progress from one to the next. It is a steady unraveling of compensatory patterns until the original issue or trauma is released. The results are amazing.

Your horse will get a chance to:

  • live a pain-free life

  • recover from strenuous exercise or competition faster

  • decrease rehab time

  • shift its weight back into its main engine for propulsion - the hind end

  • enjoy strong and powerful front and hind legs

  • has healthier joints

  • enjoy a healthy immune system

  • feel more flexible

  • reach peak performances with ease

  • recover quicker from injuries or exercise/events

  • live a pain-free life

  • shift its weight back into its main engine for propulsion - the hind

  • enjoy a healthy immune system

  • perform with ease at its highest levels



How does equine Craniosacral Bodywork help?

Most horses have had some form of trauma to their bodies along their lives: from ridden too hard too soon, to accidents and illnesses. Such events leave scar tissues, sticky fascia and lesions behind. Same things with the riders. Most of them go undetected for a long time, because both of our bodies will try to compensate for as long as possible. Until it is too much and more and more injuries seem to occur out of nowhere. But they never do...most likely restrictions have been accumulating over a longer period of time.

Equine Craniosacral sessions can be a very different way of assessing and releasing tensions and restrictions by addressing the nervous system. This modality is used successfully to release:

  • Lower back and joint problems

  • Headshaking

  • Head traumas and injuries

  • Behavioral issues

  • TMJ problems

  • Imbalances throughout

  • Limited stamina of horse

  • Anything that seems complex, confusing, and complicated...

Few structures have as much influence over the body's ability to function properly as the brain and the spinal cord - the central nervous system. And vice versa, the central nervous is equally affected by the membranes, tissues and fluids that surround, protect and nourish the brain and spinal cord. With equine craniosacral sessions the horse's body gets a chance to truly heal from the inside out. 

Equine CranioSacral Therapy is a tissue based therapy, based in science (central nervous system, autonomic nervous system) and it affects any tissue, at any level, including but not limited to: bone, fascia, dura, muscles, tendons, ligaments, arteries, veins, nerves, blood, lymph, and cerebrospinal fluid.
— Dr. Sandra Howlett, DC, CST-D, EFLC, Certified Veterinary Chiropractor

ECS focuses on the bones of the skull, the membranes in the skull and their relationship with sacrum and hence has an enormous effect on hind end issues as well as shoulder and wither problems etc.

I do not manipulate bones but rather the soft tissue underneath. It is important for the overall health of the nervous system that the bones of the cranium can move freely in certain patterns. This way all underlying tissues, blood and lymph vessels as well as cranial nerves and sections of the brain can function optimally. And if they do - the body can heal itself. 


Tissues released through Equine CranioSacral Bodywork hold the changes and sessions progress from session to session. It is a steady unraveling of compensatory patterns until the original issue or trauma is released. The results are amazing.

All the horses I have worked with and even the ones I trained with have one thing in common - they absolutely love the gentleness of this work with its attention to detail and global calming of a tense nervous system.

It is a great honor to be allowed into the deeply hidden world of the horses I work with - from trail horses to the very athletic ones. It will touch your heart to see your horse eventually deeply relax - guiding me to the exact areas that need attention in the perfect order the body needs. 

One more thing!

Many aspects contribute to your horse's well-being, from to feed to barn management. But when it comes to riding nothing is more important than the riders balanced biomechanics and the well-balanced posture of your horse. Please remember that if you are out of alignment, your horse has extra work to do to compensate for that.

Regular bodywork for you and your horse is highly recommended for optimal health and performance. There is a reason why top athletes have physiotherapists and athletic trainers working with them every day. Your horse is a top athlete as well and so are you.