What Should I wear for a session?

Where comfortable clothing, nothing too tight and nothing too layered. You will take of your shoes and a belt if you are wearing one for the session. You will stay clothed during the session.

Is there any condition for which CST shouldn't be used?

There are certain situations where application of CST would not be recommended. These include conditions where a variation and/or slight increase in intracranial pressure would cause instability. Acute aneurysm, cerebral hemorrhage or other preexisting severe bleeding disorders are examples of conditions that could be affected by small intracranial pressure changes.

How will I feel after a CranioSacral Therapy Session?

CranioSacral Therapy is very light — often less than the weight of a nickel. You may feel a variety of sensations as restrictions release, like feeling warm, cold, or even a bit emotional. Sometimes no changes are noticed right away, other times you may feel temporarily a bit worse. This is all to be expected as your body is releasing patterns of restrictions that most likely have been there for a long time. Try to relax as much as possible after a session and drink plenty of water. Your body will be busy integrating the changes.

How many CranioSacral Therapy sessions will I need?

Response to CST varies from individual to individual and condition to condition. Your response is uniquely your own and can't be compared to anyone else's - even those cases that may appear to be similar to your own. The number of sessions needed varies widely - from just one up to three or more a week over the course of several weeks.

People with chronic conditions need to know that their nervous system has adapted to the challenge. I understand that the desire to heal fast is very strong but the motor and sensory systems have adjusted to their dysfunction to create stability and to minimize pain.

These adaptations are part of our evolutionary path. So keep that in mind and know that long term chronic illnesses may need regular sessions for a while to completely release these restrictions and adaptations. But - it will be worth it, because at the other end awaits much, much improved health.


Because it is one of the most gentlest and powerful modalities to help your child release restrictions early on in life so the body does not have to create compensatory patterns that may eventually lead to bigger problems.

Even though it might look like energy work from the outside, as the practitioners hands barely move, it truly is more than that. CranioSacral Therapy offers a great opportunity to remind the body of its ability to heal itself and as it allows the cerebospinal fluid flow to guide the therapist to just the right areas of restrictions in just the right order so they can be released. The therapist can 'hear' this by following the restrictions in the cerebrospinal fluid flow and of course by having an extreme awareness of the anatomy and physiology of body systems.

The results are long lasting. It may take a little longer for the tissues to release, soften and let go, but since it follows the body's inner wisdom, timing and order the results are long lasting.

Because babies and children respond to it so well. They are so aware of the gentlest touch and intention and changes happen with ease.

To give them the best start into their lives. Imagine your child being able to walk through with a great sense of trust and confidence and a nervous system that can easily adapt to various situations.


Regular sessions generally take between 60-70 minutes. However - in some cases 30 minutes are just enough to make a big change in your baby's body without overwhelming the nervous system. This applies more to children between the ages of 6 months until about 7 years of age in my observation. Before and after that they are usually very comfortable with longer sessions. 




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