Services and programs

Peak performance for horse and rider

I offer single sessions and encourage regular sessions (monthly) to help release restrictions that come up during training. Regular sessions are an excellent way to monitor progress, catch issues early, and help your horse recover more quickly. 

My recommendation is to allow for three sessions to asses the horse's responses to treatment.

If the sessions are aiming to change behavior it is important to understand that permanent changes in behavior take time. The horse must learn how to live with its new change physical body and physiology.

Initial Session: $140.00

Follow-up Sessions: $120.00


Aiming for Long-term Health and success

I offer a unique intensive for those who are ready to not only improve their horse’s balance and health but also their own health and structural alignment so that you both can feel more comfortable and communicate better.

'Power through Balance': 3 month intensive Bodywork for you and your horse

Three sessions of CranioSacral bodywork per month for you and your horse - amazing changes will happen. This is a great program after show season, before show season and during times of rehab. The more symmetrical and balanced the rider is, the easier it is for the horse to balance itself and to freely pay attention without the distraction of discomfort.


Fee for 3 month program: $1848