Peak performance for horse and rider

I offer single hands-on sessions if needed, but of course encourage regular sessions depending on the situation. 

My recommendation is to allow for three sessions to asses the horse's responses to treatment.

If the sessions are aiming to change behavior it is important to understand that permanent changes in behavior take time. The horse must learn how to live with its new change physical body and physiology.


Aiming for Long-term Health and success

I have created two unique programs for those who are ready to not only work on their own health and structural alignment and that of their horse, but would like to go deeper into personal transformation and deeper into the connection with their horse.

1. 'Power through Balance': 3 month intensive Bodywork for you and your horse

Three sessions of craniosacral bodywork per month for you and your horse - amazing changes will happen. This is a great program after show season, before show show season and during times of rehab. The more symmetrical the rider is, the easier it is for the horse to balance itself and to freely pay attention without the distraction of discomfort.


 2. 'EQUINE ALCHEMY: 6 STEPS TO Deepen your Connection with your horse and self'

This exclusive 6-month private program is not for the faint of heart, but those who are ready to live their true potential. Horses live in the zone of peace and possibility. We humans live in a world of judgment and lots and lots of thinking about the past or the future. Horses live in the present. Being present is healing.

We stop the flow of energy and become rigid in our bodies and minds.

This is for you if you are ready to

  • create an energetic connection with your horse or deepen your connection with your horse
  • receive consistent guidance from your horse and the honest feedback that comes with it
  • be really honest with yourself
  • realize your dreams and wishes and
  • find ways to realize them
  • release old deep seated and hidden blocks in your subconscious that are repeatedly surface in uncomfortable ways.
  • work with step-by-step techniques
  • be accountable
  • enjoy great structure to transform your life so the impossible becomes possible for you.

Learn how powerful you actually are. What you learn will positively affect all aspects of you life. 

This intense program helps my clients achieve deeper and more meaningful long-lasting transformations. Connecting with Horse Wisdom does not allow for any hiding, because horses only know and show truth. Horse Wisdom asks for deep connection, trust, an open heart and power and leadership.