I am deeply grateful. Since my last session I can walk without any pain in my ankle or back.
— Mariani Jones, Reno NV
You always give my spirit such a lift and my body some much needed relaxation. I am dearly blessed to have found you, as you also make my world a brighter place.
— Cindy Smith, Chilcoot, CA
For the first time in 9 years, I woke up not clenching my jaw or neck and with
what feels like ‘a little extra space’ in my neck now.
Wow! Thanks!
— Adrienne Breland, Reno, NV
The session last week was so wonderful!
I have felt more ‘myself’’ since then and am so looking forward to another session with you.
Great big Thank You.
— EJ Spevak, Reno, NV
When I came to see Kerstin, I was experiencing headaches and
pain down my left leg related to sacral misalignment.

In just 3 sessions, Kerstin got rid of my headaches, significantly improved the sacrum related issues, and I walked away with improved mental focus as an unexpected side effect.

I could not recommend Kerstin more highly.
— Todd Tresidder, Reno, NV
I am still in heaven, touched by grace. My body feels so peaceful.
— Penny Roberts, Verdi, NV
I first came to see Kerstin for a shoulder that was locking up on me. I was advised by medical staff that the use of my left arm would be compromised if I did not seek assistance.
My shoulder is completely healed now.
— Dawn Buoncristiani, Carson City, NV
I first went to see Kerstin Tracy at Ready2Heal after I had fallen off a horse and landed on my sacrum, which was pushed to the left and very painful.
I have never felt such a profound effect from one treatment of any type of therapy, as I experienced with Kerstin’s CranioSacral Therapy.

Kerstin has helped my body work through and loosen up old layers of scar tissue from previous accidents, a birth defect (spina bifida) as well as the more recent damage to my sacrum.

I slept with a pillow under my knees for the past 20+ years. After a few sessions with Kerstin, my neck and back muscles had lengthened enough to where I no longer sleep with my knees bent over a pillow or two.

Kerstin’s treatment is not painful and in many cases lessened the pain I was experiencing.

Because my personal experience has been so positive, I wanted Kerstin to also work on my husband and our horses.

She has helped my husband’s back pain tremendously, and has now worked on our mares several times as well.

Although our horses can’t tell us in words that they are feeling better, we and our farrier know that they are. One of the mares (17.2hh/1,300lbs) used to have a difficult time holding her feet for the farrier. The last time she had new shoes put on, the farrier said it was the best appointment ever - for the first time she did not try to lean on him the entire time. Kerstin’s treatments are the only difference between the previous farrier visit and the last one.

I recommend Kerstin Tracy’s CranioSacral Therapy for both humans and horses. She has helped my body heal itself, and for that I am grateful.
— Marianne Merriam, Reno, NV
When I first started seeing Kerstin, I had pain in my lower back, my shoulders and my neck after a severe accident.
After the first sessions with Kerstin, my neck finally released. I also suffered from depression, memory issues and a foggy brain and I had to relearn how to walk.

After the first session with Kerstin, my neck finally released.

After seeing Kerstin for a month, I noticed the clarity coming back into my thinking and focus.

I feel more centered and balanced physically, emotionally and spiritually.

Kerstin is an incredible person and healer.
— Michele Papillon, Reno, NV