what horse owners are saying

Dear Kerstin, I am so happy to tell you that I have not seen Jackson shake his head in well over three weeks!! It makes me so ecstatic that I can hardly contain myself!
Thank you very, very much for all your heard work on helping him (and me) get through this - you are an integral part of his healthcare team and I am forever grateful for your help! (So is Jackson!).
Isn’t it nice to know that there are happy endings to afflictions like this!
— Marianne Merriam, Reno NV
Thanks ever so much. The best thing I ever spent my money on.
— Pam Olivieri, Chilcoot, CA
I will never forget the day my sweet Dutch Warmblood, Niko was diagnosed with a nearly ruptured medial collateral ligament. Vets predicted that he would only have a 50/50 chance of making a full recovery. That’s when I contacted Kerstin Tracy. We faithfully worked with Kersti throughout Niko’s difficult rehab process, and I am humbled to say that it has now been two years and Niko has made a full recovery!

There are many facets to his recovery plan, and many people to thank, though Kerstin has been one of the strongest forces in his journey back. She approached him with the most genuine compassion and utilized her skills to help his body restore and heal itself.

As Niko took the time he needed and deserved, I met my Hanoverian, Noelle. Although Noelle came into my life sound, she was an older horse, and I really wanted to offer her body something that would help her compete in the sport she loves for as long as heart desired. So, I asked Kerstin to start treating Noelle, too and the outcomes have been extraordinary! I immediately noticed a true softening and suppleness to her entire body. Her immune system strengthened, her joints loosened, and her happiness flourished.

As an Amateur Owner, I find it truly an honor to give back to the horses who give so much to me, so Kerstin will always remain one of the most important people on our team.
— Tiffany Portia Coury, Reno NV